PARENTS ENGAGED IN EDUCATION is the not-for-profit entity developed to provide resources to school councils throughout the province of Ontario. We recognize the value of parent leaders that partner with their school administrators and boards to work with their school communities to increase student achievement. Parents Engaged in Education is made up of individuals with years of experience working on school councils locally, regionally and provincially. They are committed to giving both resources and skill building opportunities to all members of school councils.

Creating an Effective 3 year plan

School Councils – 3 Year planning

This brochure provides simple tips to create an effective 3 year plan for school councils to assist them in identifying and achieving their goals.

Running Effective Meetings

School Councils – Effective Meetings

Learn strategies to run effective and informative school council meetings that attract and engage parents as members of school councils.

Building School Partnerships

School Councils - Building Partnerships

This brochure discusses the benefits and processes of building strong school partnerships.  Bringing schools together to support student achievement is the goal of this brochure.

Conflict Resolution

School Councils - Conflict Resolution Strategies

Some helpful tips to assist school council chairs and members to resolve conflict between members to operate school councils in a spirit of cooperation and community.

Student Learning Improvement Plans

Understanding School Learning Plans

The purpose of this brochure is to introduce the process schools go through to develop student learning improvement plans and the role of parent leaders in contributing to the process.

Taking and Maintaing Minutes for School Council Meetings

 Taking and maintaining minutes for school council meetings

School Council Secretaries often ask about exactly what information is required when preparing meeting minutes. This brochure provides some quick tips to help make sure minutes are accurate, but, concise.

Making a Difference

School Councils in Ontario

This brochure is a great tool to introduce parents to the role of school councils in Ontario.  It also gives a brief overview of roles and responsibilities of members and administrators.

Team Building Strategies

School Councils - Team Building Strategies

This brochure discuss tips on building effective school councils through building teamwork capacity.

School Council Chairs

Building Strong School Councils

This brochure provides some simple tips for school council chairs to lead their council to produce excellent results for their parent community.

Effective School Council Communications

Effective School Council Communications

Recruiting , Retaining and Succession Planning

School Councils – Recruiting, Retaining and Succession Panning Members

Important strategies to recruit and retain school council members and plan for the future by conducting effective succession planning for parent leaders.

School Council Elections

School Council Elections

This brochure provides a simplified process to conduct school council elections in accordance with Reg. 612.

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